Arrow Season 8 – Arrow Season 8 full episodes watch online

Arrow Season 8 – Arrow Season 8 full episodes watch online
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Arrow Season 8 : Final Season 2019

It’s not the end of an era but definitely an end of a show that helped to make the era of what it is today. It has been very emotional and an important year for both Oliver Queen and team Arrow. Now comes the Last season of the series, season 8 (confirmed by CW), in this season also it has been approved that it will fight evil and crime. Since 2012 it has crossed seven seasons along with Supergirl, the Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.arrow-season-8-full-episodes

Arrow Season 8 : Recap & Synopsis

Justin Harp from Digital Spy has always said that there is a reason behind why do we call it Arrowverse, since Arrow only has been an interesting and a successful season because of which flash and supergirl today are also considered as one of the very known series. A very prominent role that can be seen since these Comics have been released is of The Green Arrow and has stayed for quite a long time. Though we are not sure about the movie release of The Green Arrow yet but when we talk about the final season, many people are talking about the predictions and below we present our prediction to you about the season 8 of The Green Arrow.arrow-season-8-full

Arrow Season 8 : Spoilers and Online Predictions

The Monitor (LaMonica Garrett) made a little appearance in the last season of The Green Arrow (Stephen Smell) and now he will take Oliver Queen to end his bargain as in the last season we saw that The Monitor saved Barry “The Flash” Allen and The Supergirl and thus in return Oliver promised him to give whatever the universe requires in order to survive the crisis when the time will come, so The Monitor picks up The Green Arrow.arrow-season-8-stream-online

Arrow Season 8 : stream and Watch online

From this we conclude that in the final season of The Arrow, Oliver and The Monitor will travel the whole world telling them and warning them about the crisis and about Arrow’s death which was told by Mar Novu. It is expected that Connor Hawke will play a bigger role in this season hence we can see more future that was earlier introduced in season 7 as well.arrow-season-8-watch-online

Arrow Season 8 Episode 1 watch

There is a plot in the Crisis on Infinite Earth Comic book that shows The Monitor (LaMonica Garret) is trying to stop all the parallel Earths from getting dragged into a big universe. Comic named The Crisis on Infinite Earth, talks nothing about The Green Arrow and neither it talks about the Supergirl, thus there are chances to change some plots.

Arrow Final season Premiers & Full Episodes

we are very surprise to see that very little has been actually revealed about the story of season 8. The only thing about which we are sure is that Felicity Smoak, who currently has a baby of Oliver Queen’s child will no more be a part of this season as she is planning and is ready to go into hiding from Oliver’s enemies. Most probably the enemies are the Ninth Circle or the SCPD. One more thing that we can know is that now Felicity is a wanted refugee.