Batwoman season 1 full episodes watch online for free

batwoman season 1 episode 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 full episodes watch online for free

Batwoman season 1 full episodes watch online for free

Batwoman season 1 full episodes watch online for free
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A new series in the CW world is coming to entertain us more. The Batwoman TV series will now be screening on CW which will have the cast Bruce Wayne’s cousin, Kate Kane, to the Arrowverse. Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) did not really planned to become a part of the Gotham’s group.

Batwoman season 1 Storyline

After seeing no clues of Batman for three years, Gotham went into depressed state. The Police department of Gotham city was in danger as it was all surrounded by the criminal gangs and there was no one to save them. Then comes Jacob Kane (Dougary Scott) with his militants and soldiers to save the Gotham city from the gangsters who were threatening the City.batwomanseason1fullepisodes

Batwoman season 1 Plot and Synopsis

Many years back, Jacob’s family which includes his first wife and her daughter were killed in the Gotham crime. The only member that was left was Kate Kane and hence he sent her away from the city to keep herself safe from all this. After she was done with her schooling where she was brutally trained and was not given any respect, she comes back to her house during the period when Alice the Wonderland gang was targeting her father and his firm.batwomanseason1watchonline

Batwoman season 1 Predictions and Spoilers

We get to know about all this when Jacob’s best crow officer Sophie gets kidnapped by the Wonderland gang. Even After getting married to wealthy socialite Catherine Hamilton-Kane, Jacob is not able to get out of his family which is no more there in this world, still not able to move on and does not really want to accept the fact that they are no more. It’s only Kate whom he consider as family, yet she is also far away from him and to help her family, now she has to become what her father hated and that was a dark knight vigilante.batwomanseason1fullwatch

Batwoman season 1 Episode 1 full

Now Kate decided to take help from her stepsister Mary and Crafty Luke Fox, the son of Wayne Enterprises, Kate decides to continue the legacy of her missing cousin, Bruce Wayne, as a Batwoman. Now Kate is shown as a woman who speaks her mind out and always wants justice for the society, thus she roams around the dark streets of Gotham City as a face of Batwoman. There is a twist in the story and that is, Kate has her own issues and betrayals that she has given to the city in the past time, hence we cannot consider her as a superhero until she overcome her mistakes before becoming a hope for the Gotham city who is in great need of safety at the moment.

Batwoman season 1 watch online

We can see some similarities in the story, Kate has got two roles to play in order to save the Gotham city. During the day, she becomes a socialite and at night she becomes a vigilante. Just like Jacob, obviously Kate has also lost her mother and her sister in the Gang war when they went out on the dinner as it was a birthday party of the twin sisters. Now Kate is a grown up realizing and accepting the fact of losing her mother and her sisters, she is brought up in military school as we mentioned before. But Kate gets rusticated from the school under the policy of “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” when her relationship with Sophie is revealed.

According to the news that we got from CW, it said that Batwoman will stream on Sunday nights from 8PM to 9PM after Supergirl. Watch Batwoman’s episodes online to keep yourself updated.

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