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Suits Previous Season [Recap]

Suits Previous Season [Recap]
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I’m rewatching season 7 of Suits and I don’t hate Paula, Like it sucked when we were watching it but I really don’t blame her for wanting to date Harvey. Had he shown up at my place like that, you know I’m gonna say yes.

And honestly I think him wanting to be with Paula actually shows that he’s finally moving in a direction towards being able to be with Donna, because this is what growth looks like. Harvey found a person who has seen him at his worst and still wants to be with that person. He’s showing vulnerability!! He’s finding emotional intimacy a turn on!! That’s huge!! Was it SO STUPID to pick Paula and for Paula to pick him?? Absolutely!! But I can’t fault them for trying. Harvey still hasn’t fully grasped his emotional displacement issues so this was a way to explore that and for him to really fully see himself.

Cause even though it would’ve been nice for Darvey to happen after season 6, I don’t think we would’ve earned it. Cause I’ve always admired Suits for never just writing self awareness into people. They let them find it themselves. And after A BRUTAL WAR Darvey has risen. So I’m gonna forgive Paula and let her go with god.

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